French Comte: la belle vie from Borough Market to your door

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You probably have heard it from me a couple of times: I love anything that has to do with cheese and cured meat.

French Comte: la belle vie from Borough Market to your door
French Comte: la belle vie from Borough Market to your door

Charcuterie boards are my absolute favourite thing to put together on a Friday evening, to start the weekend the right way with a nice glass of wine. When the opportunity to review the French Comte came through, I couldn't but take it with open arms. The French Comte has been a Borough Market institution for years, a delicious business by Florent and Fabien Joly with the intent of bringing the flavours of the Franche-Comté region to the UK. As many other businesses in these strange times, they have pivoted to deliver their goods to Londoners and I'm so glad they did. They claim quality, freshness and exclusivity on all their products, and it's something that you can sense in your experience with French Comte from the beginning to the end. The delivery came in what I'd say it's not your average delivery package, very elegant boxes (that will definitely be repurposed) with all the items nicely packaged separately. Opening the boxes was even a nicer surprise. The package contained, in fact, anything a cheese and cured meat lover can dream of. From Braised Smoked Ham to Coppa a L'Ancienne (passing by the more classic Parma Ham), from 24 months Comte Grand Reserve to Truffle Brie. All accompanied by some nice touches like the Rilettes Pur Porc (a delicious pate'), green olives and the most fine Chardonnay Brut to wash it all down in style. Many of these could be used for various recipes but we went all in and created the ultimate cheeseboard. Plated everything beautifully (there may or may have not been a couple of tutorials on cheese platters involved), added some essentials to pair with the cheeses and the meats (did you even have a cheeseboard if you don't add a few figs and dried fruit) and served with the bubbly Chardonnay. Useless to say that everything was incredible. Most likely some of the best cheeses and meats that I've tried in a very long time (and most definitely between the bests I've had in London). Our absolute favourites were the Truffle Cheese (honestly guys, this stuff comes directly from heaven) and the Braised Smoked Ham (which paired beautifully with the rosemary focaccia we baked for the occasion). All in all, an incredible experience that transported us to the heart of the Franche-Comte region for one evening. An experience that I'm very much willing to repeat when I'll finally be able to visit the French Comte in person, once everything re-opens. À bientôt French Comte, we will see each other soon enough!

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