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The complete ‘Bar in a Box’ experience!!

What happier post is there to arrive on a Friday and to get your weekend started off right than an Edmunds cocktail delivery?! Everything was beautifully packaged and extremely well thought out; there was quite honestly not a single thing, in my opinion, that had been overlooked. Within the package, I received a box of six mixed cocktails. These 100ml bottles are stunning; pretty little glass bottles with eye-catching labels. The selection was perfect for me, but they have a huge variety to choose from online when ordering if you have a preference for drinks or base spirits. I also love that they included the instructions on the back of each bottle, individual for that specific cocktail. Another bonus was the glassware that arrived with this (this is optional to purchase on the webpage) and the shaker. The fact that garnishes were included was a great addition, as I often find that cocktails without garnishes lack some finesse. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am truly at my happiest when I have a cocktail in hand. Which I like to think then makes me a bit of a connoisseur, but I mean proper cocktails, not the juice ones masquerading themselves; you know, the kind we all do…unfortunately. These, however, are the real deal. You can tell that these have been created with the sole intent of bringing the highest quality drinks to the masses. Right, let’s get down to it. The six cocktails I received were the following: ☕️ Espresso Martini - The perfect pick me up after a long week, not sickly sweet in a way that I find some espresso martinis can be nowadays, a very welcomed treat. Loved that this frothed up as you would expect from any good espresso martini also, bravo! 🍸 Lychee Martini - A beautifully balanced martini, with a floral, fruity, Asian twist. One of my favourite drinks to order when out, so was delighted to see this within the package. 🧂 Kumquat Margarita - Me and margaritas, in the past, have had a love/hate relationship. Currently on the loving them stage and this Kumquat margarita has only fully reinforced this! Salt rimmed, summery and sweet and sour, what more could you possibly ask for from one little glass of joy! ✨ Pornstar Martini - A good Pornstar martini speaks for itself, and I feel their popularity knows no bounds currently. A Pornstar a day keeps the doctor away and all that jazz. However, like many, I’m sure, I’ve had more than my fair share of bad ones, where additional ingredients have been added, where they have no place. There was no such disappointment here, I can confirm. I also used the beautiful dried flowers provided with this one, as I didn’t have any passion fruit in and loved the elegance. 🔥 Chambord Bramble - Now, I’ll be honest; a Bramble would not normally be my choice of drink. We all have those we immediately gravitate to on a menu and those we do not; however, this really surprised me. Fruity with a deep flavour, with dried raspberry garnish, was super refreshing and was a complete contrast to the other flavours. I may well be a convert! 🌱Elderflower Collins - Elderflower is my drink in cordial, presse, cocktails. If it’s there, it’s mine, and this one was superb. The gorgeous floral, familiar flavour of elderflower that we all expect, without being too overpowering. I enjoyed this one in the pretty rocks glass provided, over plenty of ice, and it was a great one to finish up on. Was clean in taste and perfectly formed, don’t miss out on this in your box! I drank the above in that exact order, so the Espresso Martini came up straight away. I mean why wait right?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ and the rest were enjoyed sensibly throughout the evening with a friend, which is perfect as we then got to box enjoy the Edmonds experience and try a bit of all the cocktails without the risk of headache the following day. The strength, flavour and overall balance were spot on for each of these drinks, and I honestly cannot fault the concept, product or presentation. You can tell that a huge amount of thought has gone into this, and boy has it been worth it. These make the perfect treat for yourself or gift for others (especially due to the postal element). If you want to send something very special to a loved one, then I highly recommend this!


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