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Linnaean Living - Wash, Cut & Blow Dry. A post lockdown Pamper Session

Lockdown Locks are no more thanks to the wonderful team at Linnaean Living. Last week I visited the beautiful Linnaean for a little bit of self love. Like many of us, my hair was in need of some desperate attention after what felt like never ending lockdowns, so I jumped at the chance to try out this salon. Linnaean is a hair, beauty, and lifestyle destination in the new Nine Elms development. It was designed by Martin Brudnizki (also the interior designer behind the exclusive members club, Annabel’s), and after seeing pictures all over Instagram of their floral ceilings and chic furnishings, I knew I had to try it out for myself. Walking in to Linnaean, I was instantly happy. The placed lived up to all my expectations and was almost more beautiful than I had hoped. It really did feel like a place of wellness, with an open plan entrance leading to the café on one side, the salon on the other, and stairs leading up to the spa area. Each section having it's own distinct feel, but all flowing together to create a lovely connected vibe throughout. I am often nervous getting my hair cut, and feel protective over my almost waist length hair, but my stylist Andrew, put me at ease right away. He took the time to introduce himself, listen to what I was hoping for, give advice and recommendations and then talk me through the whole procedure making sure I was fully happy before starting. The hair washing alone is enough to make me visit here again. Usually, when having hair washed at a salon, it is an uncomfortable experience, it can be painful on your neck with towels used to clumsily support you. Here, they have nailed it and created a comfortable and enjoyable washing experience. They have reclining seats that fit perfectly with the sink, making sure you can actually relax and enjoy your wash and head massage. Game Changer. The cut itself was fairly quick and simple as I just needed / wanted a good trim, but the real star of this experience for me was the blow dry. This was like watching a work of art. Andrew worked his magic with each section, gently drying it and rolling it in to perfect curls, pinning it around my head, before letting it all fall around my face, bouncy and beautiful. I was delighted with the results. After my treatment, I was not rushed at all, I was able to stay and enjoy my delicious purple acai berry coffee, enjoy the surroundings and admire my new hair. This is the best London salon experience I have ever had. From the beautiful interior, to the friendly service, from the delicious menu to the relaxed atmosphere, it exceeded my expectations. This was worth travelling south of the river for, and I can't wait to return for more treatments and brunch too. Stylist: Andrew Thomas Corbett Wash, Cut & Blow Dry Drink: Acai Berry Coffee


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