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Looks can be deceptive!

I was lucky enough to be able given the opportunity to review The Dundee Gin Co gin. This is a ‘classic’ dry gin but beware as it is very easy to drink and is a higher proof 47% gin! The bottle and labelling are pretty standard and to be honest a bit dull. It certainly wouldn’t catch my eye and would sadly be overlooked by many … but looks can be deceptive. What it lacks in outward appearance, it makes up on with its taste. A huge tick for this family-owned company is its selling ethos; it has not succumbed to selling in supermarkets and via chains, but instead can only be found in small independent retailers thus supporting local business. This classic dry gin is produced in small batches and is made using ten botanicals from around the world including juniper berries, dried sweet lemon and orange peel and (my personal favourite) coriander seeds. A nice touch is that some of the botanicals in the range are locally sourced and freshly picked from the university of Dundee Botanic Garden. This gin can be enjoyed either neat or with tonic water and a citrus garnish. A smooth drinking gin which gives a multilayer velvety experience of tasting neat; a clear juniper taste to the fore, moving on to citrus, followed by a hint of liquorice and finally leaving a wee touch of lingering spice. A good solid Scottish gin that you really shouldn’t judge by its label. Give it a go as you will be very pleasantly surprised!


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