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All the colours of a Scottish (gin)rainbow

This is a perfect taster set for an introduction to Dundee Gin Co. Scottish botanicals are shown off to their full potential in this fabulous colourful collection. The collection consists of delicious Scottish-themed liquors and classic gin on which they are based. Starting with my favourite – Marmalade Liqueur 26.5% Did you know Dundee is the home place of Marmalade? This Dundee Gin Co signature liqueur is made with Dundee's original recipe, Marmalade by Mackays. I am not a great mixologist, but with just adding a few quality ingredients together, you can’t go wrong. For me, it was this liqueur, fizz and a little orange juice. Wet shake and all done – a fizzy delight. If like me, you have a sweet tooth, then this one is for you – and this one - Dundee Cake Gin Liqueur - 26.5% Imagine a collaboration with your favourite local baker that can transport you back in time to memories of baking with your nana. This liqueur is layered with vanilla and caramel and spicy cake. I had this with lots of ice and lemonade, but it would be lovely drank neat at the end of the night – warming and homely. Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur - 26.5% Perfect for summer, I do love a fruity liqueur – and this is delicious. Added to fizz with a few frozen berries. This natural flavoured liqueur is made from berries from the Angus berry fields, paired with brambles from Dundee’s Gin; our own garden in Dundee creates the complex layers in our Summer Fruit Gin Liqueur. Last but not least Classic Dry Gin - 46% The whole collection is underpinned by this classic dry gin. You are given a true Scottish welcome with classic flavours of juniper, with hints of citrus and liquorice. This must be my first quadruple distilled gin, making this extremely smooth 46%. This smoothness can be drunk neat, but my favourite serve is a Mediterranean tonic water and a slice of dried grapefruit. This collection was a great taster set, it arrived with cue cards and a personal note, and it was great to try new flavours. For me, it is the Dry Gin and will be adding to my Scottish Gin collection – which is definitely taking over all the other regions!